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An E.E. Cummings party


It was the kind of party where anything could happen

And it did

Suddenly the trumpeter in the band stopped playing,

Jumped off the stage and went straight up to one of the guests and said

“Shall we?”

Without a word she took his hand and they started running

Across the lawn    Down towards the sea


We   The ones left   The leftover us

Looked at each other  Stunned

Before silently turning away to gaze into empty space

Reluctantly hearing their distant laughs

And with reticent longing

Her ´Yes! Yes! Yes!´


It was about then I started to wonder

If we were in the middle of an E.E. Cummings poem

“listen: there’s a hell of a good universe next door; let’s go”

Where James Joyce´s Molly had turned up

Or if there really are those who live their innermost desires

Rather than just wishing they did


My heart  -the watch keeper of every moment

Started to beat harder

For every second not filled

For every second not filled to the brim

For every moment not fully alive

For every heartbeat I didn´t set my life alight


To burn                                             As a furnace

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