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Photo series 
'Our people'


 En plats i solen
- med hårt arbete

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Freedom Words 

Excerpts from two poems used an international human rights conventions and similar events

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It is time

Will we ever gather the strength to face our ​biggest fears

And refuse to kneel for any threat

When will we dare to claim our birth right Freedom

And feel the fiercest of all forces Love

And then feed them! - the beasts that they are - at our own peril

Keeping our heads held high in honour to them always

Come what may

Will we ever rise to the hardest challenge...

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If we lose our freedoms


...If we lose our freedoms

Because we did not fight for them enough

Who are going to tell those who will come and be After us

What it was like to explore life with every sense and ability

In a never-ending exchange with the world

Back when we were still free to seek out our different paths

And all that living had to offer...

Exhibitions etc


Photography, portraits and nature images, exhibited at jury selected exhibitions, private commissions, finalist in competitions, photographs and texts published in international art & literary journals​.






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Photography & Text ©2023 Pernilla Perla Per-Olofsdotter All rights reserved

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